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Short Stories

by Tina Carreiro

A Nightmare on Porn Street: A Horror Movie Parody

A Nightmare on Porn Street is a horror parody, spoof, short story intended to entertain and make you laugh. Fans of campy, humorous parody stories and spoof movies like, Young Frankenstein, Repossessed, Not Another Teen Movie or Scary Movie, to name a few... will enjoy this short story.

Bad things happen to bad girls. At least, that’s what Elizabeth’s mother embedded into her brain since she was young. To keep those bad things away, Elizabeth has two simple rules: don’t have sex and take her pills.

After they convinced a jury she was mentally unstable, Elizabeth has kept her mind quiet. With no repeats of what happened that night that thrust her in front of a jury in the first place, her life had been peaceful. Until her new employment with SkinLick productions, which threw her in the mix with bad girls that are sure to make bad things happen.



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The Plan

The secret entrance Sharon discovers in her bedroom is nothing compared to what she finds on the other side of door. When the chance to bring back her dead husband uncovers a grim revelation, her decision is swayed, and the choice she makes leads her soul straight into the ring of fire.

(The Plan: 5000 words, approx. Originally appeared in the Ring of Fire short story sampler vol. 1, published 2011.)

The Plan Cover copy.jpg


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Book 3

COMING SOON  a full agent working for Sector 13, a secret division of the FBI which

Image by Annie Spratt


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